We view the process of adding a puppy to your family as an investment. Your doxie will be with your family for about 10-15+ years. We base our prices on coat color, with the common colors starting at $1,000 and unique colors up to $1,600. All of our dogs are AKC registered. If you are wanting full registration rights for breeding or showing, it will be $300 extra. Please check our FAQ page for more information. Below you will find photos of each of the colors and the price range for each. *Don't see the color you're looking for? Please ask! 

Basic Colors    $1,000 

Black and Tan, Black and Cream, Chocolate
Black and Cream
Chocolate and Tan
Black and Tan
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Creams, Diltues
Shaded Cream
ee Red
English Cream
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Dapple, Piebald Isabella, etc. 
Shaded Red Piebald
Black and Cream Dapple
Reverse Chocolate Dapple
Isabella Dapple Piebald
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