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About Us

Cassie has always had a crazy obsession for dachshunds and adopted her original dachshund, Eddie from the pound in 2008. She fell in love with the quirky, fun, sweet and playful breed and the rest was history. Soon she had 3 doxies, then 4… are you seeing where this is going? She and her husband Cam often joke that they have gotten a dog (or sometimes 2 or 3) every year they have been together!

Cassie is an orchestra teacher turned stay at home mom to Parker, Tucker and Juniper. She takes care of 2/3 of the Benedict Doxies.  She handles the breedings and whelps and cares for the puppies. She does contracts and gets each baby trained and ready for their “furever” homes.  In her spare time, she runs the BD Facebook page, is a full time mama and DIY pro. 

Carrie always had big dogs and was a fan of dachshunds… but was not sure if a small dog was right for her. After bringing home her first dachshund, Scooter she was instantly in love! Dachshunds were a perfect little package… all the features she loved about big dogs a dachshund had in a small and snuggly package. Soon after, the bug spread and Carrie found herself with 6 doxies of her own. Don’t they say, “Dachshunds are like potato chips, you can’t just have one!” 


Carrie has been in love with puppies since birth and has loved the whelping and puppy process for years. She pretty much lived in the puppy pen when her big dogs were puppies and loved seeing the learning from Anatolian Shepherds. Ironically, those 140 lb dogs are pretty similar in personality to a dachshund. Stubborn, alert, determined and always ready for an adventure. Carrie has loved being right there to help the mamas with their births.


Carrie is a first grade teacher and mama to Cole and Claire. She houses 1/3 of the Benedict Doxies. She does a lot of the paperwork for Benedict Doxies and Goldens including: applications, emails, waitlist, deposits, runs the Instagram page and of course, the website. In her spare time, she likes to take pictures of the dogs and puppies and spend time with puppies doing training, playtime or sensory work. 


Cassie’s original mission was to breed and create healthy, beautiful, well adjusted, dogs who would improve the dachshund population and so Benedict Doxies was born in 2015. Both Cassie and Carrie have been improving the business since and have made changes based on feedback from our puppy families, but our goal is still the same. That’s what makes us who we are! It is so very fulfilling to see a new doxie family grow into a doxie loving family just like we did. It’s not hard to do! 


We hope you see how important our dogs are to us. Our dogs are raised indoors as a part of our families. They are socialized, well trained and cared for with the utmost attention to health and wellbeing. These dogs are our babies! We hope to share the love we have for these great dogs with you and your family.

Our Team

Our Team

Cassie Benedict


Carrie Wessels

Co- Owner

Parker, Tucker, Cole, Claire and Juni

Whelper Helpers

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