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Testimonials from the Benedict Doxies Family

We love our puppy owners!

Griffioen Family with Theo & Koki

Daisy & Scooter's D Litter 6/2018

Daisy & George's P Litter 5/2020

We love Benedict Doxies! Carrie and Cassie are wonderful to work with and very transparent in all they do. We especially loved seeing our puppies grow as they posted pictures on Instagram. There is also a Benedict Doxies family page on Facebook where you can post pictures and ask questions whenever you are worried or need advice.


We got our first dachshund, Theo (a smooth cream who is 14 lbs), in August of 2018. He was such a little love and very quiet for a dachshund (he has since found his “voice”!). He is such a laid back and chill kind of guy. We fell head over heals for him and decided to get him a sister in July of 2020 named Koki (a smooth chocolate and tan dapple who weighs 10.5 lbs). She is much spunkier and sassy than Theo ever was, but she is the best sister for him. They love to play wrestle and snuggle together too. Both have a typical dachshund bark and attitude so know what you are getting yourself into before you pick the breed.


Overall, we had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend Benedict Doxies!


LeeAnn with Ollie

Izzy & Remi's C Litter 6/2018

I cannot say enough good things about the puppies from Benedict Doxies! I did a lot of looking around before choosing a breeder and from the instant I started communicating with Carrie it was nothing but smooth sailing. Throughout the whole process there was excellent communication and everything was so simple! Being able to follow the journey through pictures and videos from birth was amazing- even rom a different state I felt like I was right there with all the puppies! These puppies are so well loved and very well cared for from the moment they are born. Ollie is healthy and happy, has an amazing personality and temperament and is just a complete joy to have! When I'm ready to look for a second puppy it will most definitely be from Cassie and Carrie and I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for the perfect little doxie!  


The Cox Family with Asa

Lucy & Remi's B Litter 3/2018

We lost our Dachshund Rusty in March. He was such a big part of our family and his loss left a huge void in our lives. He could never be replaced but we knew we needed another dachshund to love. After a lot of research we decided Benedict Doxies was the best choice for our future pup. We were impressed by their obvious love and care for all of their animals. After our application was accepted we were thrilled. We received updates, photos and videos often of our little guy. Now we are the happy forever home for our little Asa! He is a healthy, happy ball of energy! He is so smart and just beautiful. We feel very blessed to have him. Thank you Benedict Doxies!


The Williams Family with Frankie

Lucy & Remi's 2nd Litter 8/2016

Our family never imagined having a smaller dog, but Benedict Doxies completely changed our mindset. Before welcoming Frankie, our miniature longhaired cream dachshund into our family, we were occupied keeping our high energy labradoodle content. After many months of taking him to local doggy daycare, we decided to search for a playmate for our labradoodle. During that time, Benedict Doxies announced an upcoming litter. We were drawn to Benedict Doxies because of the care and love they give to ALL of their animals as they TRULY are part of their family. We had visited their farm previously, purchased their yummy duck eggs, played with their entertaining goats and spent time with their fur babies. When you leave to go home you can't help but to take some of that love with you. Needless to say, we decided that it doesn't matter the size of the dog, what mattered most to us, was how they were brought into the world and the care and training they received prior to becoming a part of our family. Cassie and Carrie took time to thoroughly and honestly answer our questions and even arranged a playdate with our big labradoodle to interact with Scooter, one of their most adorable little guys. Since Frankie's arrival into our family, we have gotten to know this captivating breed. Frankie is lovable, but also curious, independent, fierce and loyal. We highly recommend getting to know Benedict Doxies for yourself and are confident you will fall in love with them just as we did. 

Mark & Kelly

Grove City, Ohio 


Carole with Marlee

Lucy & Remi's A Litter 11/2017

We got our little baby girl from Benedict Doxies. I have to say by far the best experience with them started from when we picked her until we brought her home. Cassie was the greatest sending me pictures and videos of my girl and kept me updated the whole time, and it doesn't stop with the puppy leaving. They love updates on the puppy to see how they are doing. The puppies are raised in their living space. Her puppies are very loved, spoiled and well socialized. Marlee is the most lovable, fun, smart and sweetest girl ever. She is everything Cassie told me she was and more. She is perfect. Thank you so much Cassie and Carrie. We love our little girl. 


Stacey & Chris with Hopper

Lucy & Remi's A Litter 11/2017

Instagram is a wonderful place... it led me to meet the wonderful owners of Benedict Doxies and adopt my little babe, Hopper formally known as Ace. I followed the Benedict Doxie Family for about a year and a half on social media and saw what wonderful pup parents they were. I knew after seeing how they loved and cared for their own dogs that it would translate into their puppies. 


Adopting a puppy can be a scary thing because you want to know the dog parents and puppies came from a loving and kind home. The Benedict Doxie social media accounts are very active and allowed me to see how they are raised which was reassuring.  Additionally, they offered to let me visit the puppies a few weeks prior to taking him home. This gave me the opportunity to bond, hold and see him with his littermates. This provided me even more confidence he was coming from a loving home. The puppies are raised in the middle of their beautiful home in the kitchen which gets them acclimated to noise, light and people prior to arriving in their furever homes. They also have other doxies running around keeping a watchful eye on the homefront, which is adorable (and such a doxie thing to do!) Hopper came home with some goodies that included toys and a sample bag of recommended food. 

Hopper is a wonderful dog and I can't say thank you enough to Cassie and Carrie. These girls love their dogs and their new families. They take the extra time to post progress shots and candid pictures and videos that help get you through the 8-week waiting period. I was very nervous about introducing Hopper to my 4 year old, Frankie. They both gave me guidance and reassurance that it would be ok and how to best approach the situation. Those boys are now two peas in a pod!

We continue to stay connected to this day and even had a doggy-playdate in December. We are looking forward to planning the next one! If you are looking for a happy, healthy and adorable puppy - look no further!


Rebecca & Basil

Lucy and Remi's A-litter 11/2017

We are eternally grateful that we get to raise one of these pups to be our sire for our breeding girls. Seeing pictures of baby Andy (Basil) grow was so fun! They updated us weekly and we felt like we were right there with them!! Highly recommended if you are searching for a mini dachshund puppy!!!! Couldn't ask for nicer people to work with in purchasing a new fur baby!!!!


Max and Stephanie with Duncan

Poppy and Remi's  R litter 11/2020

So many positive things to say about our experience with Benedict Doxies! From the application to the pick up, every step was met with friendly guidance and support. You can really tell this family cares for these animals and doesn't just treat them like money makers. Our little Duncan (formerly Rudy) is the sweetest boy and we are so happy we got to meet his parents when we picked him up. He is a healthy pup with a great temperament. I would recommend that anyone looking for a responsibly bred doxie apply with Benedict. 


Liz & Justin with Oliver

Colbie Tot & George's N Litter 3/2020

When we decided to get a dachshund puppy, we had originally started putting in applications to breeders in New York where we live. After a few months of no replies or updated website information, we had felt a little discouraged in our search for a fur baby. Then I started following Benedict Doxies and Goldens on Instagram and the way they cared for all of their dogs and updated almost each day on their puppies was something that drew me to fill out an application. The application was fairly extensive, which showed me that they truly care about who their puppies are going to. Within 2 days I heard back that I was on the waiting list and our journey to get Oliver began! Throughout the entire process from the puppy picking to now figuring out puppy training, Cassie and Carrie have been amazing and are always available for any questions you have with a new puppy. When you get a pup from Benedict Doxies, they truly make you feel like you are becoming a part of their extended family and they go above and beyond to make sure you have everything you need for your newest family member. If you are considering a miniature dachshund puppy from a reputable and caring breeder, I cannot recommend them enough! The 16+ hour round trip from NY was well worth it for our little guy, and we would do it again in a heartbeat ☺. 


LeeAnn (again!) with Ollie & Scout

Poppy & Remi's J Litter 11/2019

Carrie and Cassie continue to breed the absolute best dogs! I got Ollie in June 2018 and he was just so great that I knew when I was ready to get another I would without question come back to Benedict Doxies! This November I was able to bring home Scout and he is equally as wonderful and perfect! He has the best funny and sweet little doxie personality and the only thing better than one of them is two! Carrie and Cassie are constantly in communication with you while your puppy is young, and that communication doesn't stop once you bring your puppy home. They make the entire process so effortless. They are always available for any questions and are such a great resource to have in your pocket! It's truly apparent that they love these dogs and the care they take in breeding the best is so appreciated! If i'm ever crazy enough to need a third I know where I'll be going!


Skyler & Naz with Iggy

Izzy & George's I Litter 7/2019

Iggy is doing so well and getting so big! He is our little angel (most of the time.) He loves cuddles the most but playing with his big brother comes in a close second. He is literally so perfect for us. So incredibly in love with this little guy. When I get another puppy, I will for sure get one from you again. You make it so easy and such a good experience to get our Iggy baby. Thank you for everything! 


Maggie & Family with Indie

Poppy & Remi's J Litter 11/2019

My husband and I recently purchased a miniature dachshund through Benedict Doxies and we are so happy we did! She is the perfect addition to our little family. The whole process was smooth sailing from the start. We live eight hours away so communication was key. Carrie was always right there to answer any questions and sent weekly updates/pictures of our puppy! How sweet! The dogs are all raised in their home and you can tell they really love and care for their babies. Our puppy is the sweetest little girl and we have had no behavioral problems, even with an older dog and toddler at home. I can tell she is going to grow up to be just as sweet as her mama (Poppy) was. I chose Benedict Dachshunds because I wanted the best and they are the best!! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a miniature dachshund and would love to get another puppy from them in the future. 


Maddie with Luca

Daisy & Scooter's D Litter 6/2018

My family grew up with dachshunds and after going through some hard times in college, I decided it was time to find my best friend. I came across Benedict Doxies and had to go see the litter. I picked out my pup from Daisy and Scooter's Litter. He is Daisy's twin and the most perfect doxie ever. Everyone that sees him tells me how handsome he is. They produce some of the cutest dachshunds. Luca is a very good-looking boy and has the best personality, always making me laugh and is the best emotional support. I recommend Benedict Doxies for anyone looking for the puppy of their dreams. They take great care of the puppies and make sure they are well socialized and healthy. 


Lauren & Ryan with Murray

Daisy & Scooter's D Litter 6/2018

Benedict Doxies has completely changed our lives by giving us the dog of our dreams! After researching the dachshund breed, Ryan and I knew we were meant to be doxie parents. Murray has been the best thing that has EVER happened to us! Carrie and Cassie raise the puppies in their homes getting them used to different sounds, smells and experiences, We truly believe that subjecting the puppies at a young age to these experiences makes Benedict Doxies one-of-a-kind. Their personalities are like no other miniature doxies we've met - they are happy, sassy and the perfect balance of loving and playful in their small little bodies. We tell all of our friends if they are looking at minis or goldens, Benedict is the best there is! We truly feel like part of the Benedict Family - Thank you Carrie and Cassie!


Stephanie & Brock with Lula

Izzy and Remi's C litter 6/2018

After some intensive research, my husband and I confidently decided on getting our first pup together from the wonderful Benedict Farm. Now that we have our pup at our house, I can honestly say that this was the best decision we could have ever made. From the very beginning, Carrie and Cassie were available to answer any and all questions we had. I love that they kept us posted on our pup's life on the farm via photos and Instagram- I will treasure those pics forever! Also they are totally right that their dogs have awesome temperaments. We met the whole Benedict gang when we picked up Lula from them. All of their dogs are well taken care of and super loving. That explains why our pup is so sweet and affectionate. She's also super silly and makes us laugh with her shenanigans! We couldn't be happier! We wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who would love a dachshund as part of their family. You won't regret it! 


Anna & Corey with Marnie and Maverick

Daisy and Scooter's D Litter 6/2018

Colbie and George's Q Litter 11/2020

Benedict Doxies & Goldens have been incredible to us over the years. We got our first dachshund Miss Marnie from them and it could not have gone any smoother. From the application process to puppy pick up, we had not one complaint. Not only are they super accessible through the journey of waiting to get your puppy, they continue to offer any help or advice you need after your business has been completed. Marnie is such a sweet, loving and EXTREMELY snuggly dog! I remember my first conversation with Carrie and her saying, "Doxies are like potato chips, you can't just have one." Later I learned how true this was when we started to get the urge to add another doxie to our family. Of course we decided to pursue this urge through the one and only Benedict Doxies. Same amazing experience as before and we got our Mr. Maverick. We are truly so blessed to have come across breeders as passionate and efficient as Cassie and Carrie. Not only have they blessed us with 2 healthy and beautiful dogs, they have given us a family of dachshund lovers who will forever be in our lives. If you are looking for the perfect place to  get your new addition to the family, look no more!

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