Available Puppies


2020 Projected Puppy Due Dates:

Colbie Tot/George - Arrived March 11, 2020- SOLD

Poppy/Remi - Arrived April 23, 2020- SOLD

Daisy/Remi - Arrived May 18, 2020- HOLD FOR WAITLIST

Darby/TBD - Summer 2020

Minnie/George - Fall 2020

Izzy/George - Winter 2020


Please read: 5/19/20 - Our waitlist is CLOSED. Please do not contact us about the waitlist until further notice. Thank you!

Please check out our Pricing Information page.


Thank you so much for your interest in our dogs! 

~Carrie and Cassie

Daisy & Remi's "P Litter" Arrived 5/18/20

This is a PRA clear or carrier litter. Coat length TBD.

Pixie - Female Reverse Chocolate and Tan Dapple - Waitlist

Poppy & Remi's "O Litter" Arrived 4/23/20

This is a Long hair, PRA clear or carrier litter.

Opal - Black and Tan Female - SOLD

Otis - Black and Tan (with very little tan) Male - SOLD

Orville - Black and Tan Male - SOLD

Otto - Chocolate and Tan Piebald Male - SOLD

Oaklie - Chocolate and Tan Piebald Female - Staying Here!

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