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Welcome to Benedict Doxies AKC Miniature Dachshunds located in Columbus, Ohio and Fort Wayne, Indiana. We are sisters who raise our dogs and puppies in our homes along side our families with small children.  We strive for breed excellence in conformation, genetic health, a quality pedigree and of course, a well-rounded temperament.  We are small in-home breeders who not only love our puppies dearly, but take the time to begin training at a young age.  Our focus on socialization and positive interaction with children helps our puppies have a successful transition to their new homes.  Our new puppy owners are updated via Facebook, Instagram and e-mail from the beginning stages of puppyhood.  It is our number one goal to spread the doxie love with well-mannered, family dogs!


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AKC Inspected Breeder

We are proud to be breeders of AKC dogs.  In 2022 our facilities, our dogs, our puppies and our paperwork were all found to be compliant with the AKC's high standards.  We respect the valuable knowledge of those at the AKC and the resources that they have to offer.  We will continue to uphold the high standards of care and professionalism that the AKC strives to represent. 

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